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Waste and Recycling

Waste and Recycling

RFID for Bins
Anomaly Management
Path Optimization
Behavior Alerts
Route Progression
Material Management

Optimize your service, compliance, and operational initiatives with data intelligence

FOCUS by TELUS provides mobile resource management solutions for specialty transportation fleets across North America. As leaders in industrial IoT, our platform has proven time and time again to make the most of limited operational budgets—reducing capital expenditures and maximizing fleet utilization.

See the platform in action

Check out our on-demand webinar and see the next-level capabilities the FOCUS platform brings to waste collection teams that make us an industry leader when it comes to simplifying route-centric operations.

Ensure environment & regulatory compliance

  • Monitor and report on cargo hauled, vacuumed or dumped
  • Stay compliant with IFTA, DVIR, CVIP, and ELD requirements
  • Track route progression by driver, vehicle, route, legal subdivision and contract
  • Record and identify issues, problems, or adverse conditions during pick-up and delivery

Reduce costs to remain competitive

  • Oversee fueling activities by equipment, employee, and supplier
  • Isolate various metrics to true up job costs and more accurately bill
  • Maximize resource utilization and employee billable hours by monitoring actuals against KPI targets

Transform inexperienced drivers into productive team members

  • Increase the efficiency of new team members with turn-by-turn navigation
  • Reduce complex training and assessments with return-to-last-stop routing
  • Use best practices to customize safety and risky behaviors reporting by vehicle, season and weather

Diminish vehicle downtime

  • Schedule preventive maintenance and eliminate premature replacement expenditures
  • Manage warranty coverage and expiration dates
  • Identify issues before they put your team or vehicles at risk with fault code alerts


Fully customizable, scalable automatic vehicle location solution

Mix and match modules based on individual departmental needs, allowing for a higher ROI



Reliability and continuity you can depend upon

Integrated with ArcGIS, AEMP, OEMs and other key partners, FOCUS analyzes your needs and provides tailored solutions that are compliant with your stated requirements


Expert Support

FOCUS is a highly skilled partner with strong implementation, project management expertise and accountability to any customer's SLA

As we like to say, "You need it? We'll deliver."

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