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FOCUS for the ready-mix industry

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Optimize your productivity, profitability and compliance with real-time business intelligence

When it comes to providing on-time, high-quality deliveries, ready-mix operators need to know they have the best possible practices in place. FOCUS by TELUS has developed a technology solution custom-tailored for the minute-by-minute requirements of the ready-mix industry. Streamline deliveries, optimize work cycles, and improve overall performance.

See the platform in action

Check out our on-demand webinar and see the next-level capabilities the FOCUS platform brings to the ready-mix industry.

Increase resource utilization and productivity

  • Maximize equipment uptime using engine hours tracking and preventative maintenance scheduling tools
  • Monitor workflows, assess current performance and optimize delivery cycles so that the maximum quantity of ready-mix is usable on client job sites
  • Driver messaging app enables more efficient communication with the back office
optimize delivery cycles

Keep operations running smoothly

  • Integrates with and automates most popular ticket dispatch systems
  • Provide real-time visibility across all sites to prioritize work cycles
  • Track and report status, in real-time, the quantities and types of materials loaded, hauled and discharged by vehicle, job and site

Maximize margins with true metrics

  • Bid more precisely based on operating cost actuals from comparable jobs
  • Use KPI targets to monitor utilization and keep expensive equipment billing hours
  • Rehire the most efficient drivers
FOCUS by TELUS | Making the most of budgets
Modular, scalable and secure


Mix and match available features and modules based on your company’s unique needs, allowing for a higher ROI

API and key integrations


Integrated with your dispatch system, AEMP and more, FOCUS will analyze your needs and provide tailored solutions compliant with your stated requirements

Expert support

Expert Support

FOCUS is a highly skilled partner with strong implementation, project management expertise and accountability to any customer's SLA

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