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FOCUS by TELUS works hand-in-hand with customers to develop modular, route-centric fleet tracking solutions custom-tailored for their unique industry challenges.

We deliver the insights our customers need to reduce fleet total cost of ownership, mitigate risk, track regulatory compliance, and maximize ROI.

Our modular telematics platform addresses a variety of complex fleet and resource environments and delivers modules specific to each industry’s unique challenges.

Selecting an AVL partner is a big decision. With our all-inclusive package, our customers enjoy protection against hardware and software technology obsolescence. Every new module developed adheres to our standard of providing secure, reliable data delivered with pinpoint accuracy within one single platform. During the contract duration, if a customer decides to add new modules or options to address future needs, and the hardware in place needs to be changed to meet those capacities, the hardware upgrade is included.

Dedicated and specialized customer loyalty agents support our clients throughout the partnership with unlimited free user training and continuous optimization sessions, including customized training for new updates and/or modules, and dedicated communication channels for technical support.

Best of all, because we’re owned by TELUS, we have access to a broad network of knowledgeable experts who support our customers’ long-term growth and sustainable business practices.

Let us show you how FOCUS can help you maximize productivity and employee accountability, diminish equipment downtime, keep drivers safer, and stay compliant with increasingly strict regulatory and environmental requirements.

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