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Introducing Auth0 for Cybersecurity

The stakes for delivering secure and seamless customer experiences have never been higher and FOCUS has risen to the challenge by integrating with Auth0.

Soon, you won’t need a company number to login to FOCUS – it’ll happen securely and automatically with an Auth0 process which is more secure. 

BONUS! It also allows FOCUS to integrate with customer SSO endpoints, which are becoming much more common in organizations throughout North America.

Here’s how…

In just a few clicks, you’ll boost your cybersecurity on the FOCUS platform!

Step 1 (temporary)

  • Enter your company number in the authentication box and then click ‘Enter’. (The ‘username/password’ fields will be grayed out)

Step 2

  • You should then see the authentication screen (see left) where you will enter your email address.

Step 3

  • After entering your email the password field is displayed.

Step 4

  • Choose an organization/company to use.
  • Please note: This is where a user with access to several companies can choose the company in which they arrive after authentication.

Having Trouble? Speak with a FOCUS Specialist

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