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RFP Best Practices

To properly assess an AVL or GPS telematics solution’s current and future needs can be a daunting task for any organization. At a minimum, you need to be sure the system you choose will be able to meet your current needs based on your infrastructure, budget, and available resources and assets.  An even more critical requirement is that the solution and the provider you choose can meet the ever-growing needs of your organization and the citizens you serve.

If you’re new to the AVL Telematics RFP process, developing a strategy from scratch can be terrifying. There are your requirements to consider plus those that you will require from your partner. That’s where this whitepaper will prove useful.

Technology is continually changing. What worked five years ago is likely not working today, which requires you to create a platform for change across your public works department. This whitepaper will guide you on building a vendor requirements solicitation that ensures you are future-proofing your organization and acting in your constituents’ best interest.

Download the whitepaper

RFP best practices whitepaper download