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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us.

At Focus Fleet and Fuel Management (a registered business name of TELUS Communications Inc.), as part of our ongoing commitment to put customers first, our parent company, TELUS, has established a Data & Trust Office specifically charged with ensuring that our data handling practices are responsible and respectful of your privacy.

At Focus Fleet and Fuel Management (a registered business name of TELUS Communications Inc.), we know your privacy matters to you; earning and maintaining your trust matters to us. We understand that in today’s technologically complex, data-driven world, it can be difficult to stay up-to-date on how personal information is being used. An important part of our commitment to respecting your privacy is our promise to be transparent with you about our privacy practices and to clearly explain how we protect your privacy.

We are accountable to you

A vital part of our commitment to privacy is to be transparent with you about the ways we protect your privacy. We want you to know just how robust our framework for managing privacy is so we are pleased to share the framework for our core Privacy Management Program with you. The Focus Fleet and Fuel Management (a registered business name of TELUS Communications Inc.) Privacy Management Program and its components set out in this document reflect our desire to exceed our privacy obligations as prescribed by legislation, to be transparent with customers, and to provide further direction for Focus Fleet and Fuel Management (a registered business name of TELUS Communications Inc.) team members. While we strive to meet these commitments, the Program is not intended to, and does not, impose additional legal obligations or constraints on TELUS and should not be construed as such.As privacy and technology evolve, this Program Framework will change and changes will be shared.

Our commitments to you

Earning and maintaining your trust

We believe that an important part of respecting privacy is to be clear about how we handle customers’ personal information, and to make information about our approach easily accessible. We have developed our Privacy Commitment to provide you with some specific details about our privacy practices, and our Privacy Code which sets out the general principles that govern our collection, use and disclosure of personal information.

Learn about TELUS Privacy practices

In addition, we invite you to review the TELUS Trust Model that we established to guide our overall data handling practices.

Data analytics at TELUS

Technology is evolving and so are we

We recognize the potential of big data – and we want to use it to help answer big questions that will improve the lives of Canadians. We also believe that data can be used to benefit society (for social good), when used responsibly, to help make better decisions than ever before – decisions that can improve our lives, our health, our cities and our society. Learn about data analytics at TELUS and your choice to opt out.

Responsible AI

Embracing innovation with AI

At Focus Fleet and Fuel Management (a registered business name of TELUS Communications Inc.), we recognize the transformative potential of innovations like Artificial Intelligence (AI). We believe that AI will augment human capabilities and help deliver better outcomes to build a friendlier future. Learn about responsible AI at TELUS and your choice to opt out.

How you can help protect your information and privacy.

TELUS takes strong measures to protect the privacy and security of your information, but we all need to take additional steps to protect our own data and our privacy online. We understand that it is not always easy to know where to start. A vital part of our commitment to your privacy is to share best practices with you on what you can do to protect your own privacy and security.

Learn how to protect your information

Understanding cookies

At Focus Fleet and Fuel Management (a registered business name of TELUS Communications Inc.), we are committed to respecting your privacy, and an important part of that is being transparent about how we handle your personal information. Accordingly, we developed this Cookies Notice to inform you about our use of cookies across our websites and apps. We want you to understand what cookies are, how TELUS uses cookies and what your choices are.

A cookie is a small text file, often containing a unique identifier, stored by your web browser when you visit a website. Websites use cookies to help provide certain functions, and to personalize your web experience.

Why do we use cookies?

We use cookies to understand how you interact with our websites, apps, and selected third-party websites primarily with the aim of improving your user experience. FOCUS does not store sensitive information such as login credentials or bank information within cookies.

The following is a summary of how we use cookies:


FOCUS uses cookies that are essential for navigating and enabling certain functioning of FOCUS websites. For example, these types of cookies assist FOCUS in authenticating you and your device or allows FOCUS to administer secure websites. If you choose to disable these cookies, specific features of the Focus Fleet and Fuel Management (a registered business name of TELUS Communications Inc.) websites, such as accessing your account or making a purchase, may not be available.


FOCUS uses cookies to understand how customers use FOCUS websites and services in order to improve their performance. Performance cookies generate aggregated, de-identified information which provide insights into trends and usage patterns that may be used for business analysis, website and service improvements, and for determining performance metrics. For example, these types of cookies help track the number of visitors to our websites.


FOCUS uses cookies to remember your selections while visiting a FOCUS website. These types of cookies allow FOCUS to recognize your device so that you do not have to provide the same information repeatedly. For example, we may use cookies to remember your language preferences or province selected.


FOCUS uses cookies to personalize your experience while visiting a FOCUS website. These cookies may be used to deliver FOCUS content to you that is customized to your interests based on an inference from your browsing patterns on our websites or from your customer relationship with us. For example, a relevant offer about a product or service may be displayed to you based on the existing products and services you currently have with TELUS.

Advertising and third-party cookies.

FOCUS uses cookies to deliver tailored FOCUS advertising to you. We may work with advertising agencies to place cookies to help deliver ads on third-party websites where we purchase advertising. These types of third-party cookies enable us to understand what FOCUS ads you see and interact with, both on our website and on third-party websites. This helps us to measure the success of our advertising campaigns. For example, when you click on a FOCUS ad on a third-party website, cookies are used to track the effectiveness of the advertising campaign. As part of this process, we do not disclose your personal information to the third-party website.

Cross-device linking

FOCUS participates in the Adobe Experience Cloud Device co-op, which helps us to deliver consistent advertising, and to reduce the number of redundant or irrelevant ads you see, whether you are on your laptop, tablet, phone or smart watch. The Device co-op helps us recognize which of your devices are linked through the use of technology that includes cookies and IP addresses, but no other information about you or your online activities. To learn more about the Device co-op and / or unlink your devices, visit the Adobe website.

Other similar technologies.

In addition to cookies, FOCUS also uses pixel tags which are small transparent images embedded in a web page or an email. We use pixel tags in connection with cookies to help operate our website and emails. For example, FOCUS may include pixel tags in email messages or newsletters in order to determine whether or not they are opened or acted on. Third parties may also use pixel tags to help compile aggregated statistics and determine the effectiveness of FOCUS promotional campaigns.