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School Transportation

School Transportation

Mobile Resource Optimization for School Transportation

Parent Portal
DVIR Compliance
Route Management
Driver Coaching
Path Optimization
Fuel Management
Parent Portal
DVIR Compliance
Route Management
Driver Coaching
Path Optimization
Fuel Management

Build a more transparent transportation experience with real-time data intelligence

When it comes to ensuring that students safely reach their destination when traveling on public or private buses, transportation operators need to know they have the best possible practices in place. FOCUS Optimization, a TELUS company, has developed technology solutions custom-tailored for the industry. Our platform and TELUS’ purpose-built IoT network facilitate efficient transportation services that exceed government street safety standards and offer transparent route and passenger information.

Ensure passenger safety

  • Parent Portal provides service level transparency to parents and authorities, providing accountability for where, when, and how passengers are being moved
  • In-cab driver coaching features with audible, in-cab alerts keep students safer while holding drivers accountable for safety expectations
  • Diagnostic fault codes provide alerts when unscheduled or emergency maintenance is required

Optimize route and driver performance

  • Improve driver efficiency with turn-by-turn directions with respect to service level expectations, reduce driver hours, lower vehicle emissions, and reduce fuel use
  • Consolidate route paths and build more efficient schedules, to more effectively adhere to service level agreements.
  • Driver behavior and coaching modules with in-cab alerts provide a robust solution for streamlining internal and subcontractor performance, accounting, and compliance

Improve government and environmental compliance

  • Streamline fleet inspections and compliance with federal regulations through certified ELD capabilities, automated timecards, driver behavior modules, and insurance reporting
  • Track bus location, inspections, and vehicle safety events such as proper door openings, stop sign observance, pick-up and drop-off process, and barrier deployments
  • Align business KPIs with green initiatives by using data analytics across the entire fleet operation to reduce emissions, age out older vehicles, and reduce fuel costs
make the most of strict elected bugets

Achieve immediate ROI and generate additional funding

  • Align internal KPIs and SLAs to secure additional government funding through innovative emissions, maintenance, safety, and other environmental technology upgrades
  • Incentivize operators to reduce environmental impact by tracking fleet life span, fuel use, idle time, mileage driven per driver, and emission rates, and managing data against yearly KPIs
  • Automate mileage tracking, subcontractor utilization, and fuel consumption per vehicle/per employee
Modular, scalable and secure


Fully customizable, scalable solution

Mix and match modules based on individual departmental needs, allowing for a higher ROI

API and key integrations


Reliability and continuity you can depend upon

Integratable with your existing tech stack, FOCUS will analyze your needs and provide tailored solutions compliant with your stated requirements.

Expert support

Expert Support

FOCUS is a highly skilled partner with strong implementation, project management expertise, and accountability to any customer's SLA

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